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Why Facilities Management Hosting?

CAFM hosting from ADSI reduces the IT support burden and significant capital costs typically associated with CAFM implementation.  For just a few hundred dollars a month, organizations of any size can tap into the benefits of a robust, secure, state-of-the-art facilities management solution using ADSI CAFM hosting.

ADSI offers two hosting models: application service provider (ASP) and software as a service (SaaS).  With ASP, software licenses are purchased by your organization and managed by ADSI.  The SaaS model eliminates the need to invest in CAFM software licenses completely.  Instead, you pay a low monthly fee to "lease" the software from ADSI. 

In both hosting models, ADSI provides the IT support, data center, security and Web, VPN, or Windows Desktop based access necessary for the complete support of your organization's CAFM system.  If you don't know which hosting model is right for you, don't worry.  ADSI can help you determine which hosting solution makes sense for your organization.

Discover the advanced security procedures used for ADSI hosting services.


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