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The Key to Success

Strategic maintenance of your assets and facilities is critical to your business success.  On average, your facilities and infrastructure make up 35-percent of your company's assets.  At a typical cost of $16 million each year to maintain a 700,000 square foot facility, managing those assets doesn't come cheap.  Reduce those costs and you boost your bottom line.

Information Drives Decision-Making

The importance of optimizing your facility management doesn't end with cost savings.  In the hands of executives and decision-makers, facility management reporting becomes a powerful business tool.  This information helps your organization make smart decisions about capital planning, set benchmarks and performance indicators, and improve asset allocation and space usage.  But without the right system, getting to this information becomes an impossible task.

Powering Business Benefits

Partnering with Applied Data Systems for your CAFM solutions saves you time and money and leads to better decision-making.  You'll save money with improved processes for managing real estate portfolios, decreasing energy use, completing work orders and tracking facility spending. 

Streamlined processes cut down on the need for redundant data-entry and time-consuming report generation – saving you man-hours and allowing workers to focus on business-critical tasks.  Plus, a full array of simple and robust reporting features makes assembling key data effortless.

Whatever your company's CAFM needs, we can find a solution to match.  Our decades of expertise and reputation for quality allow your company to achieve the return on investment you're looking for.



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