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A Long To-Do List

At an educational institution like yours, the list of facility management challenges is a long one.  First there's the task of keeping all your buildings and assets in working order.  This means scheduling preventative maintenance and handling a constant flow of work orders.  Then there's space planning, an especially difficult responsibility when enrollment and staff needs are always changing.  Add to that emergency preparedness, facility safety and customer service.  Finally there's the bottom line.  You need to minimize costs, stay on budget and maximize grant reimbursements.

Making the Grade

These are complicated, time-consuming challenges.  Without the right CAFM solution, getting this long to-do list accomplished takes time and money you simply don't have.  In short, your facility management team won't make the grade.  Luckily, a CAFM solution from Applied Data Systems can keep your facilities running smoothly. 
With powerful facility management software, you can do some pretty amazing things.  Shrink space usage, even as enrollment increases.  Accurately report grant reimbursement square footage, bringing more money to your institution.  Plan an effective space allocation strategy as the needs of your organization shift and change.  And, ensure your facilities are safe, compliant with all regulations and prepared for any emergency. 

A History of Experience

At ADSI, we have a long history of helping educational institutions achieve their facility management goals, from grade schools to state universities and even the Ivy League. 

We understand your institution has unique needs.  We'll take the extra time to learn your 'to-do list' in order to find the best CAFM solution for you.  Let's get started.  Contact Applied Data Systems today and discover how we can help you make the grade in facility management.




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