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Tremendous Challenges

Budgets for government organizations like yours have never been tighter, and the pressure is on to increase efficiency while decreasing spending.  But that doesn't mean regulatory requirements have eased up or that maintenance needs have decreased.  On the contrary, new regulations are being implemented all the time, and as your facilities and assets age prolonging their life-cycle becomes increasingly important.

Meet Obstacles Head-On

Handling all these challenges might seem overwhelming, but it can be done with the help of CAFM solutions from Applied Data Systems.  Our systems allow you to meet these obstacles head-on, doing more with less by streamlining facilities processes and leveraging powerful reporting functions.  Benefits for government organizations include:

  • Collect and report required safety and environmental data for OSHA, EPA and other agencies.
  • Reduce operating costs through improved asset management and work order cost tracking.
  • Prolong the lifespan of your facilities and assets through preventive maintenance.
  • Prepare for emergencies and implement disaster recovery plans.
  • Track the depreciation of your assets as required by GASB Statement 34.
  • Use powerful space planning to ensure each square foot is being used most effectively.

Discover the Benefits

These benefits alone will result in a clear return on investment – but they're just the beginning.  Contact Applied Data Systems today to learn more about the many advantages our CAFM solutions can provide to your government organization.





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