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Achieving Your Mission

For healthcare organizations like yours, delivering high-quality patient care is a top priority.  But, providing the best care requires a well-run facility: a facility that is safe, well-maintained and in compliance with all regulatory requirements. 

Top healthcare organizations also know saving money on administration costs and inefficient processes leaves more dollars in the budget for the things that matter.  Like hiring the best doctors and nurses and investing in the latest medical technologies – the investments that really pay off for your patients. 

The Solutions You Need

Save money and improve your facility operations with CAFM and IWMS solutions from Applied Data Systems.  We have expert knowledge of the regulatory requirements for healthcare facilities, and our solutions mean you'll have everything you need for your Joint Commission audits.  With easily accessible and accurate data, you'll be able to produce the information inspectors are looking for in an instant. 

Sailing through audits isn't the only way your organization will benefit.  Our systems help you maximize health insurance reimbursements, effectively manage assets, decrease energy usage, improve maintenance operations and use preventative maintenance to reduce your risk of critical equipment failures.

A Winning Combination

Save money and improve operations.  It's a winning combination – one that will result in a clear return on investment and contribute to your organization's goal of providing outstanding patient care.  Contact Applied Data Systems now to learn how our expertise and robust CAFM solutions benefit healthcare organizations like yours.


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