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Information is Everything

In real estate, information is everything.  Miss a lease expiration and you miss out on important revenue.  Overlook a property tax deadline and you could be hit with fees and audits.  Set the wrong rent, and you may lose money on a key property.  Fail to notice when a property has a regulatory compliance problem, and fines are in your future.

Prevent Costly Mistakes

CAFM solutions from Applied Data Systems allow you to prevent costly real estate mistakes – maximizing your revenue and minimizing lost time.  Automatic reminders tell you when critical dates like lease expirations or tax deadlines are approaching.  High-level overview reports mean you can monitor property costs and conditions, leveraging that information for strategic decision-making.  Plus, your brokers can access key information from their mobile devices, providing them with a negotiating advantage.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Use the power of information to boost the bottom line of your real estate business.  Contact the real estate CAFM experts at Applied Data Systems, and we'll show you how we can provide you with the information advantage.



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