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ADSI selects SkyFoundry for Energy Information Management

ADSI announces) the addition of SkyFoundry’s SkySpark™ analytics software to ADSI's hosted suite of CAFM and GIS applications. With this new integration, SkySpark™ detects asset faults and facility-use anomalies and communicates with ARCHIBUS™ and PenBay Solutions' InVision™ Facilities GIS.


The School Board of Sarasota County wins ARCHIBUS Application Excellence Award for Innovative e-Procurement System


Best Customer Service & Support

Awarded to the ARCHIBUS, Inc. Business Partner who has demonstrated consistent, exemplary service and support of a client's ARCHIBUS implementation, providing both technical and business expertise.

Congratulations on receiving an ARCHIBUS Award of Excellence!
Jim Filippi and John Filippi

Valley Health System integrates ARCHIBUS
with GE’s AgileTrac

A Unique Opportunity

While the implementation of AgileTrac was a high-level, hospital-wide initiative, Valley Health System Director of Engineering Edo Voleric quickly realized it presented a unique opportunity to improve facility management operations. By integrating AgileTrac with his department's ARCHIBUS facility management
system, Voleric determined he could streamline a previously time-consuming maintenance process and help maximize the hospital's return on investment in AgileTrac.

"One of the functions of our department is to maintain the hospital beds, but at Valley Hospital the beds travel with the patients," says Voleric. "This means a bed might be on the second floor of one building on Monday morning and the third floor of another building by Tuesday. In order to perform maintenance on the beds our technicians had to hunt them down, which was an extremely time- consuming process."

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