_Energy Management
_Lease & Property Portfolio Administration
_Space Documentation and Management
_Asset Tracking
_Building Operations (CMMS)

Believe it or not, your CAFM solution from Applied Data Systems starts with … you. 

With ADSI as your partner, you'll never get stuck with an off-the-shelf solution missing the functionality you require.  Instead, we work closely with your organization to learn about your needs, study your business processes, and define your goals.  Then we find the system that meets your exact requirements.  If needed, we can even customize it to ensure a perfect fit.

Do you need your CAFM solution to integrate with a third-party application?  No problem.  We are industry leaders in CAFM third-party integrations, including energy management integrations.  For your organization, our expertise means a savings of man hours and money.  No more entering data into multiple applications, because a single data-entry point feeds all your CAFM solutions.

Choose one solution from Applied Data Systems – or choose them all.  Each offers tremendous benefits including strategic business intelligence reports, time savings, cost savings, and streamlined business processes. 

No matter which solutions you pick, you'll reap the rewards and your organization will thank you.  Explore our CAFM solutions, and learn more about what we can do for you!

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