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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Keeping track of your organization's assets is critical.  You need to know what assets you have, when they should be replaced, and how much it's all costing.  But, without the right solution the record-keeping involved is both time consuming and overwhelming. 

Adding Effective Asset Management

ADSI asset management solutions make tracking your assets simple.With barcodes and scanning devices, data collection is quick and easy. And, powerful reporting capabilities allow you to use this information in dozens of ways:

  • Easily execute efficient moves with the help of trial layouts and detailed move orders.
  • Increase employee accountability for assets.
  • Track the location and depreciation of assets
  • Store critical asset information, including warranties and maintenance histories. 
  • Optimize insurance coverage.

Organize.  Simplify.  Save.

With asset management solutions from ADSI you'll always know exactly what you have, where it is, and how much it's worth.  In the end, you'll save time and money by reducing the lifecycle costs of your assets, cutting down on administrative tasks, and leveraging powerful reporting to drive strategic decision making. 
Contact Applied Data Systems today and discover how asset management can drive success for your organization.


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