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Go Wireless

Use your building ops solution to go wireless.  You'll cut way down on wasted man hours, because work orders can automatically be sent to your maintenance workers in the field through their wireless devices.  Do you have multiple building operations systems?  No problem.  Unlike many others, our wireless building operations systems work smoothly across multiple platforms. 

It's Time to Take Control

Are you managing your facilities – or are your facilities managing you?  Something breaks, and you pony up to fix it.  A work order is created, but you don't see it for a week.  Your equipment is aging, but scheduling the preventive maintenance feels like a tricky juggling act.  Plus, setting your annual maintenance budget is pure guesswork.  Sound familiar?

It's time to take control of your facilities.  You can, with a building operations solutions from Applied Data Systems.

Managing Your Building Operations

Computer maintenance management systems (CMMS) from Applied Data Systems transform the way your building operations work.  Instead of just keeping all the plates in the air, our solutions put you in the driver's seat.  You'll be managing work order volumes using a powerful interface: assigning jobs, addressing backlogs, setting priorities, and getting unfinished work order requests back on track.  Plus, scheduling preventive maintenance becomes a breeze – while reducing the number of on-demand work orders you receive.

Building the Benefits

Our building operations management solutions offer a huge number of benefits that provide time savings, cost savings and improved customer service.  Just a few of these benefits include:

  • On-demand work orders drop dramatically when you employ a preventive or predictive maintenance strategy. 
  • Work order requests are easily prioritized, and critical tasks are accomplished quickly.
  • Setting maintenance budgets is simple with access to detailed historical maintenance data.
  • Operating costs decrease when maintenance worker downtime is eliminated and equipment investments are strategically evaluated.

Dramatically improve your facility operations while saving your organization time and money.  It's time to take control of your facility operations – with building operation solutions from ADSI.


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