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The Pressure is On

Every day, the headlines tell the story.  Energy costs are soaring and show no sign of coming down.  They're taking a big bite out of your budget. The need to reduce energy costs at your facilities is urgent and real.

In addition, organizations like yours are being asked to 'go green' and reduce the growing global carbon footprint.  More often than ever before, customers are looking at your organization's social responsibility record.

When they don't like what they see, they're voting with their feet - and taking their business elsewhere.

It's Time to Consider Energy Management

Energy management solutions from Applied Data Systems reduce energy consumption at your facilities simply and effectively.  In fact, clients have found that our solutions can pay for themselves in less than two years

Your ADSI energy management solution fully integrates with most CAFM systems - including all of ours.  It constantly monitors energy usage.  It notices when something is not quite right: a light turned on in an empty office, a thermostat set too high, or a copier drawing too much power.  Then, it alerts the right people to fix the problem - or even fixes the problem itself!  

On top of all that, an easy-to-use dashboard allows you to keep an eye on energy usage and create reports for your entire organization at a glance, enabling informed decision making and promoting energy conservation. 

Energy Management Powers Big Benefits

With an average return on investment of less than two years, energy management means a better bottom line
for your organization.  Another big bonus?  Going green is a powerful business tool:

  • It provides positive public relations. 
  • It demonstrates your corporate social responsibility. 
  • It encourages employees to make better energy usage decisions.
  • It gives your organization a competitive advantage.

These benefits are at your fingertips.  The sooner you act, the greater they'll be. 
Contact Applied Data Systems today to learn more about our energy management solutions.


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