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A High-Stakes Investment

Chances are real estate is your organization's largest asset.  But if you're not careful, it can also be a tremendous financial burden.  How do you know if leasing or buying property is a better business decision?  If you rent property, can you afford to let a lease expiration date slip by without notice?  How do you know how much rent to charge - and still make a profit?  Without the right information, these questions go unanswered and your business suffers.

Making Your Real Estate Work For You

With lease and property portfolio administration solutions from Applied Data Systems, you take the guesswork out of real estate management.  You'll have access to literally dozens of valuable reports that give you the business intelligence you need.  It's information you can't do without, including property cost analysis, budget projections, cash flow analysis, lease expirations, and tax information.  Now, the information you once struggled to find is just a click away.

No time to generate reports?  Don't worry.  Your system can automatically contact you to let you know when important things are happening.  That means you'll always be ready when key tax dates arrive, leases expire, or any other business-critical activities are due.

Create Value and Eliminate Risk

The bottom line: lease and property administration applications protect you from risk while saving you money.  When a major asset like your real estate is on the line, risk is something you simply can't afford.  And with the accelerated return on investment, improved performance, and space usage maximization your real estate solution provides, you'll quickly leverage your biggest asset to create greater profitability.


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