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Tracking Your Telecommunication Web

Your facility's telecommunication system is a complex web of cables, jacks, wiring, and high-tech equipment.  In a world where your organization's communication needs can change in a heartbeat, you need detailed information about this complex web at your fingertips.  Without this information tasks like troubleshooting, planning for upgrades, and creating move orders become nearly impossible.

The Message is Clear

The message is clear: you need a simple and comprehensive way to manage your facility's communication systems.  In short, you need a telecommunication solution from Applied Data Systems.

Our solutions deliver the strategic telecom information you need.  Know the exact location of each faceplate and jack.  Review your open, completed and backlogged telecom work orders.  Understand your system capacity.  Manage your network information.  Generate trouble-free move orders.  Create an employee directory – and much more.  The detailed knowledge you need is now within easy reach.

Communicating the Benefits

The critical data available with your ADSI telecom management solution doesn't just help in the here and now.  It's also a powerful tool for planning future growth of your communication network.  Plus, you'll save time and money with complete insight into your telecom assets and improve organizational communication efforts with phone number and contact information tracking. 

Ready to put these benefits to work for you?  Contact Applied Data Systems today to learn more.


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