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Your Owner's Manual

Your system documentation is your CAFM solution owner's manual.  Sure, it's a little technical and you may not look at it every day.  But when you have a question or something's not working quite right, you'll want to know exactly how your system operates.

Eliminate Tribal Knowledge

Without proper system documentation, you run the risk of tribal knowledge.  At first, you have a lot of resources to turn to when something comes up, because your employees helped create your CAFM system.  But slowly, those folks leave for other positions or retire, and that knowledge disappears right along with them – leaving you out to dry when those inevitable questions arise.

A Continuous Benefit

High-quality system documentation will be an invaluable resource to your IT department, help desk and departmental managers as time goes by.  It's the key to keeping your CAFM system running smoothly, day after day and year after year.  Plus, we provide all the files to you electronically so you can post them on your intranet, making finding the information you need a breeze. 
One more benefit: system documentation saves you time and money.  Time trying to solve a problem when you don't quite understand what's wrong.  Money spent on additional consulting or support services when you don't have a way to address these questions internally.

System documentation is the manual that keeps your CAFM solution working right, so you need a good one.  Enlist the experts at Applied Data System for your CAFM system documentation needs.


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