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The Big Secret

Here's a secret not many people in our line of work will tell you: no software does everything.  That's right.  If you truly want a CAFM system that fits your organization's business processes perfectly, you must mix-and-match software to get the exact combination you need.  In short, you're going to need integration.

Time for Integration

Why integration?  Without it, you'll be wasting time and money using a system that doesn't meet all your needs.  Maybe you found a great software that meets all your work order needs.  But you also need energy management, and that software vendor doesn't make an energy management solution.  Plus, a lot of the information required to operate these two systems is shared ? each needs data from the other to work.  It's time for integration.

Integration can be tricky.  It's why many CAFM providers don't do it.  Or, why they don't do it right.  Effective integration means really knowing how the software functions - the ability to get inside its "brain", so to speak.  To the outsider it can seem like boring, wonky stuff.  But your system won't work right without it, and that's where we come in.

Don't Get Stuck

We've been working "inside" the programming of CAFM systems for decades.  In fact, we even write the code for some CAFM programs from scratch.  Making different CAFM programs talk to each other is our expertise.  Don't compromise on software that doesn't meet your needs.  Let our system integration expertise create the CAFM solution you really need, not just the one you're stuck with.


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