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Avoid the Training Trap

Far too often, training is a big drain on productivity.  Many training sessions involve countless hours - or even days - showing each person every function of a software program.  Often, people are more confused when they leave the training than when they walked in.  It all gets to be too much!

A Better Approach

Our approach: train each person only to do their job with the software.  This may take ten minutes or a few hours depending on the person, their job and the software.  But a few days?  No way. 

We think of your CAFM system as an information assembly line.  Each person does their small part, putting in the bit of information they are responsible for into the system.  When everybody does their part a huge amount of strategic information rolls off the assembly line, shaped into the reports you need to make critical business decisions.

Maximum Flexibility

Training services from ADSI offer flexibility, too.  Hold your training at a conference center - or just down the hall from your office.  We even offer 'virtual' training online!  Whatever works best for you, we're there.

Complete Documentation

Forget something you learned in training?  No problem.  At the end of the training process we'll leave you with step-by-step instructions for each job function so you'll always have the information you need, right when you need it. 

Let us take the head-scratching and time-wasting out of your CAFM training.  Ask about ADSI training services today.




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